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    Welcome to Sartography
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    We map software
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    And build intuitive applications
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    Based in Staunton, Virginia

We are Sartography

We apply the science, aesthetics, and techniques of cartography to model complex software systems in ways that communicate information effectively.

Agile Architecture

We develop diagrams that encourage cooperation and shared understanding. We take a ground up, holistic approach to develop engaging models that communicate a unified vision of the future.

API Development

We create responsive simple APIs that fully respect the ideals of RESTful architecture. We can apply these techniques in Java, Scala, and Python.

Server Diagrams

We have a deep and abiding respect for System Administration and the complexity of highly distributed systems. We can communicate this respect effectively, engaging whole organizations in the discussion.

Focused Diagrams

We can help you solve your own problems. When catastrophes loom and negotiations stall, we can provide you with the tools you need to reengage your team. Sometimes its just a lost, minor detail, that once uncovered allows a way forward.

Open Source Consultations

We actively contribute to open source projects. We can help any business take advantage of the same open source projects in use at Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other game changing companies.

Big Data for Local Minds

We enjoy helping small businesses take advantage of big data. From Google Analytics to Apache Solr, there is tremendous technology we can bring to bear on solving issues and making local business a global power.

Who we are

Our Mission
To redefine Software Architecture, and give it a real and tangible place in the Agile development process.
What we Do
We develop outstanding visualizations of complex software systems. Partnering with our clients to lend vision to their ambitions and unify their people.
Our Company's Values
We give big to our small community. For us, that means working to found a local Maker Space, and serving small businesses through the Staunton Creative Community Fund.
Where can you find us?
We are located in Staunton, Virginia. You can call us at 540-457-0024 or send us an email at map_me@sartography.com

What people say

Andy Harbick
"Dan is ... very gifted at collecting and distilling complicated ideas (technology infrastructure, organizational issues, project plans, etc.) into easily understandable diagrams and documents."
Bess Sadler
"Dan stepped up, not just with the skills we needed, but also with the vision and leadership it took to make the upgrade happen, even under challenging conditions and with a diverse team to coordinate."
Sue Rowell
"Dan demonstrated innovation and leadership in designing an information search and discovery architecture with the latest technologies that our client thought was absolutely fantastic."
Chris Karas
[Dan] not only delivers on stated business objectives but is also passionate about long-term organizational improvement. Dan thinks deeply about tough problems and shares his ideas with enthusiasm.
Randy Budnikas
... Dan's presentations are award-winning ...
Jim Gibson
[Dan] is a flexible thinker who is capable of mastering a large body of detail and then seeing his way to an unexpected--but perfect--outcome.

Exemplary Work

Get to know Me

Sartography is presently a one person shop with a very focused mission. If you have a creative approach for facilitating technical communication, then I'd like to talk to you.
Dan Funk

Dan FunkOwner

I am a successful, battle proven, software engineer with a gift for conveying complex technical information.

  • Diagrams
  • Software Architecture
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Python

Try Getting in Touch

We are located in central Virginia, about 2 hours from DC, Richmond, and Roanoke. We are also quite affable on the phone and on IRC.
Located at Staunton, Virginia
Write to us dan@sartography.com
Give us a Call +1.540.457.0024

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